Corrupted NEF Repair

Nef file is very popular for their wide range of conversion to other file formats. These file formats are raw in nature means they were captured directly with the Nikon Camera and stored in the storage device. It means it works as digital negatives and contain all type of definitions of images like as image size, color resolution, camera's metadata(camera setting details, type of lens other data) and every other things that are require for developing the image. That is why it is very necessary to keep these files with full safety because if any damage occur to these may hamper our valuable moments clicked in images. But due to digital media it has also some limitation like as file corruption. If it get corrupted damaged once, it will become a tedious task to recover the original.

Nef get Corrupted because of various things happen accidently or with malfunctioning of device or with improper use by humans. These are mainly as follows:

  • virus attack
  • Corruption or malfunctoning of file system
  • Accidental deletion of files
  • Malfunctioning of softwares
  • Corruption or malfunctoning of memory cards
  • Battery failure or accidental power off of camera

Problem faced by user after Nef Corruption

This becomes a tedious task when a any user face these problems. They haven't much knowledge about inner details of these files and how to resolve it. This may hamper their precious time, money and patience. Some of major problems are:

  • Not much knowledge of device to over come nay error
  • Hamper your precious time, money and patience
  • Distraction from the use of device again and many more

Troubleshooting techniques

There are some basic techniques which can be use for recovery of Nef Corrupted files. These are very user friendly any one can do it with the ease, whether you are technical or non-technical. A little knowledge of software installation and computer operation is enough to troubleshoot your problems. Follow simple steps and get back your valuable images at your finger tips:

  • Download third party software
  • Install this on your PC
  • Connect your media to your PC
  • Run the third party software and browse corrupted files
  • Provide destination to store recovered files
  • Finally click Start button for the final touch of recovery, this is it and you will get your favourite clicks back once again

So, follow the above mentioned tips and be there where you want.